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Corporate Catering Menu

To every executive assistant, human resources director or corporate event planner who’s had to plan an office event – or heck, even order take-out for your team – we see you. We understand the struggle you face trying to please every taste and respect every dietary restriction while sticking to your CFO’s ironclad budget.
You need a menu that appeals to all. To the keto-friendly and the gluten-free. To the vegans and the pescatarians. To Sue in accounting who’s happy with a beer and burger and Sam in procurement who isn’t happy with anything.

With The Outlet’s uniquely diverse and incredibly delicious catering options, you can choose from our standard menu or allow us to craft a personalized menu that’s inclusive to all. So, whether you’re hosting a black-tie holiday party or a Monday-morning budget meeting in our Edwardsville event space, we have your back to ensure it’s a memorable experience.

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